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SAP BPC Syllabus


What is EPM, BPC, BI-IP 
Architecture BPC-MS ,NW 
Release strategy 


Creating Applications and Applying Dimensions 
Architecture of an Application 
Explain the Tables, Optimization Options and Compression 
Loading Transaction Data using a FlatFile 
Creating a Transformation File 
Creating a conversion file 
Introduction to Logic/Calculations 
Loading and Validating Data 
Using Standard Data manager Packages 
Creating Custom Data Manager Packages 
Automation of Master Data and Transactional Data 


Working with BPC for Excel 
Developing Reports 
Developing Input Schedules 
BPC Comments 
Book Publication 
Working with BPC Web 
Working with BPC for Word and BPC for PowerPoint 
Advanced reports using multiple EvDRE 
Creating Custom Buttons and Assigning Macros 
Advanced Formatting options using Properties 
Demonstrate building a report reading data from multiple applications using EVDRE 
In-depth study on BPC process flows


Explain the Planning Process 
Define the planning Model 
Functional Specifications 
Calculations using Script Logic 
Calculations Using Worksheet Logic 
Allocations using Script Logic 
Currency Conversion -- Direct and using script logic 
Sales Planning planning dry run 

Hot Analysis 
BPC Journals 
BPC Audit 
Custom Menu 
Business Process Flows 

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